Resuming our business.

 I have been in contact with the Lead Officer for Environmental Heath Fife to find out if I can safely resume the business. I have had to make some changes to the way we operate with some caveats that must be met to continue.  I believe I can resume hiring safely as long as we all follow the recommendations and advice I have been given.

 The following statements are for your safety and ours amid the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. These are additional conditions that must be put in place and agreed to.

  • If anyone in your household was part of the “shielding” or “at risk” group please make us aware of this, and we will take extra precautions during the delivery and collection of the hot tub.
  • If anyone in your household has or develops symptoms or has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus at the time of the hire delivery you must inform us as the hire will need be delayed and rescheduled to a mutually agreed date after the self-isolation period.
  • If any of my family or I (we all live at the same address) develops any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus your hire will unfortunately need to be rescheduled if it is due to takes place while we self-isolate to a mutually agreed date.
  • If anyone during your hire develops symptoms or is tested positive as having the COVID-19 you must stop using the hot tub and contact me on 07821419228 as soon as possible. There are further steps that need to be taken if this happens, I will let you know what they are when you contact me.
  • During the delivery and collection we will try to keep our distance from you and your family “where possible” and as you do the same with us, we will wear appropriate PPE where necessary. We will avoid entering your home, so you will ideally need to provide a 13 amp socket for power, this should not be an extension cable, we will also need a water tap outdoors however we could hand you the end of hose to connect it to a tap indoors. The tub and equipment will be wiped down with a sanitizer (IPA) at the delivery if less than 72 hours have passed since the previous customer and on collection we will super chlorinate the water in the tub prior to emptying it.
  • I’m not accepting cash payments for the foreseeable future. Payments can be made by PayPal for the deposit and bank transfer or using a handheld card machine (not preferred) at the delivery for the remaining balance and bank transfer for the security bond. All payments must be completed before we leave after the delivery.