The deepest roto-moulded hot tub available for short-term hire in Scotland that seats up to 7 adults.

We don’t use the word “persons” when quoting the tub capacity, as it could mean a number of children or a mix of children and adults.

Perfect for relaxation, therapy or just good fun the Antigua is a deep spacious 7 adult rigid hot tub. It comes with a bar and ice bucket set and 2 tier storage steps. As with all our tubs, it has an underwater multicolour LED light to add to the mood. Perfect for a party!

Antigua specification
Size 204cm (W) x 94cm (H)
Size is without steps or bar and ice bucket set.

Digital control system.
Cartridge water filter.
2.5hp 2 speed jet pump.
20 water jets with venturi air (bubbles)
Thermostatically controlled 2KW in-line heater.
Multi-Coloured under water LED lighting.
Bar & Ice Bucket
Thermally insulated cover.
In-line R.C.D. Unit

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*Prices cover delivery up to 15 miles from KY114EG, then there is an additional charge of £2 per mile up to 15 miles thereafter calculated postcode to postcode one way. The tub will typically be up to temperature the following morning after delivery, but may take up to 24 hours.


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