Terms and conditions

AJC Hot Tub Hire Terms and conditions:

  1. This contract is for the hire of a hot tub or hot tub with shelter if applicable and accessories as signed for on the receipt documentation (“Receipt & Acceptance of hire tub”) between AJC Hot Tub Hire, 8 Macbeth road, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 4EG, (“the company”) and the “Hirer”, the signatory of this contract.
  2. The hirer must be at least 18 years of age and must be a resident of the property where the hired equipment is to be located unless expressly agreed in writing with the company in advance. Please note that proof of identity and address will be required (photo driving licence, utility bill or similar).
  3. The hirer will be required to pay a £50.00 booking deposit which is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled by the hirer for any reason. If the company finds on arrival at the hirers address specified in the “Hire Application Form” it does not meet the minimum required access sizing or does not have a suitable area for the hot tub to be sited as specified on our Hire FAQ web page for the hot tub model hired, the company may deduct at its discretion reasonable charges to cover costs incurred such as wages, fuel and administration costs from the £50 booking deposit prior to returning the remainder (if any) of the deposit money less those deductions to the hirer. The balance of the hire fee is due to be paid by cleared funds at least one banking day before the hire commences or by cash on delivery of the hot tub equipment if previously agreed. If full payment is not received as above the delivery will be deferred until payment is received but your hire start and finish dates will remain the same. If payment was agreed to be by cash on delivery but payment is not available to the company staff on arrival then this will be treated as prevention of delivery in clause 7 below. If the company is unable to provide the hot tub on the agreed date for any reason beyond the company’s control all money paid will be refunded to the hirer unless an alternative delivery date or hire start and/or end date is agreed with the hirer. The hirer will also be required to lodge a £100.00 in cash or digital bank transfer as a security bond which is held by the company for the duration of the hire given at the set-up. The bond will be returned to the hirer on collection providing no damage or loss due to misuse, theft or accident has occurred (see clause 4).
  4. The hirer is solely responsible for the full costs of any repairs, or replacement with the same or equivalent of any items or parts of the equipment lost or damaged through misuse or accident or theft during the period of hire plus an appropriate administration charge. All items supplied remain the property of AJC Hot Tub Hire, including unused chemicals and documentation, and must be available for collection at the end of the hire period. Please note that although a security bond of £100.00 is required to be lodged with the company as part of the hire terms liability for repair or replacement costs is not limited to this amount.
  5. The hirer is solely responsible for ensuring that any user of the hired hot tub equipment is informed of the safety guidelines for the safe use and operation of the hot tub, any water treatment chemicals and any electrical hook-up supplied as part of the equipment. Health warnings regarding any known medical condition or pregnancy must be made known to all users of the hot tub equipment. The hirer must store any chemicals supplied in a dry, frost-free area which is secure from access by children.
  6. The company will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or death caused by misuse of the hot tub equipment or chemicals supplied or allergic reaction to any water treatment chemicals. This includes but is not limited to slipping on wet surfaces or falling in or out of the hot tub, or death or injury caused by misuse of drugs or alcohol combined with the use of the hot tub, or electric shock caused by damage to or interference with any part of the electrical installation.
  7. The hirer or the hirer’s authorized agent undertakes to be present at the delivery and to ensure that a suitable location for the hired hot tub equipment and the required services (power and water) are available and that unrestricted suitable access is provided. The hirer or the hirer’s agent must also be available to receive the safe operating and sanitizing chemical instructions, to sign the proof of receipt and make any outstanding payments if required. If the company is prevented from completing the delivery and set-up of the hot tub equipment at the agreed time/date because any of these conditions are not met the equipment will be returned to the company premises. A new agreed date/time for delivery and set-up may be arranged with the hirer as early as possible but the hire start and finish dates will still be the same, or the hire contract may be cancelled with no refund. If a second delivery and set-up are agreed an additional charge will be made.
  8. The company will not be responsible for any damage to property or injury during the course of the delivery and set-up or collection of the hired hot tub except where the staff is shown to be negligent. The company will not be responsible for any water or chemical damage to property or plants at the hirer’s premises caused by the use of the hot tub at the selected location or by a major loss of water due to malfunction/failure of the hot tub plumbing. Please note that chemically treated water will almost certainly be splashed over the sides of the hot tub during usage.
  9. The hirer grants to the company access to any premises where the company has a reasonable expectation that the company’s hot tub or equipment may be located for the purpose of inspection or repair or removal of the equipment at any reasonable time providing reasonable notice is given.
  10. If the company is prevented from collecting the hot tub equipment for any reason by the hirer or the hirer’s agent at the end of the hire period a charge of £75.00 will be made for each day beyond the original hire period unless previously agreed in writing by the company. Hire periods may be extended at an agreed rate subject to booking availability.
  11. The hirer must not move, reposition or use the hot tub, shelter or other equipment for any reason without prior express permission from the owner.
  12. The hirer must not use any of the companies equipment for rehire.

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